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Every web site that we design is unique to the client.  Basic sites can be as simple as a single page.

More complex sites include fully operational e-commerce stores with multiple pages.

Other sites can involve multi media with flash movies and sound files.

Our fees commence from as little as £150.  Call us for a free no obligation quotation.

Call: 07836 685275

For More Details & Prices

Once a domain name has been registered, it must be given a unique address where it can be accessed.  This process is known as hosting and is a service that Lancashire Data Solutions can provide for a monthly or annual nominal charge.  The charge is dependant on a clients requirements based on the amount of server space (physical size of the web site) and traffic (the amount of data sent and received by visitors to the web site).  The basic hosting fee commences from as little as £6 plus VAT per month for a non e-commerce web site.

Most web sites need some form of maintenance and updating.  As part of our design service, we can maintain your web site for a nominal charge dependent on level of service required.

Prior to the design process, a web site will require registration of a domain name which acts as a form of universal address.  Lancashire Data Solutions will conduct a domain name search to determine whether the domain name you want for your web site is available for purchase.  

Domain names can have many suffixes, the most common of which in the UK are either or .com indicating that a company is based in the UK or may have an international presence.  The suffix is only a guide and in some cases it may be worthwhile purchasing a range of domain suffixes to prevent someone else from trading on your company or organisation name.  Lancashire Data Solutions will perform this task and register the domain name(s) on your behalf.  Registration costs from £10 per 2 years dependent on suffix required.

Domain Hosting/Maintenance Design Costs
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